Living with diabetes: How Modius can help

If you suffer from diabetes, you’ll likely know that you have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and that you’re two to four times more likely to die of heart disease or experience a stroke compared to non-diabetics.

Modius Health co-founder and CEO, Dr Jason McKeown puts the spotlight on what he believes is the key contributing factor.

“Reducing sugar intake is the simplest way for people to take care of themselves and help avoid type two diabetes and heart disease. High blood sugar promotes more insulin release and is extremely influential in weight gain. Unfortunately, it’s a vicious circle and it can really get out of control.”

Three important issues to tackle if you’d like to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet are;

1. Identifying exactly what the best alternatives are,

2. Actively changing your diet to reduce the prevalence of sugary foods and,

3. Finding a way to reduce those sugar cravings.

“The low carbohydrate, high fat approach has been reviewed recently in the press. In particular, Professor Tim Noakes has been questioned about why he advises it. The reason that it’s recommended, particularly for diabetics, is that it helps keep blood sugars low, yet can still give the feeling of fullness, and importantly doesn’t necessarily restrict calories,” says Dr McKeown.

Foods high in fat like nuts, seeds, salmon and avocado for example are great alternatives to sugary foods. Incorporating these into your diet on a daily basis, particularly early in the day, should allow you to feel more satisfied and, in turn, mean less cravings for high calorie options such as carbs and sugar.

“Ultimately, it’s up to everyone to choose a diet they feel will give them the best long-term results. Personally, I try to follow this approach, but it’s not always easy. When I get tired and stressed I find my desire for sugar increases significantly. That’s probably the time where I get the most out of Modius.”

“Interestingly, we have many users report that it helps to keep cravings under control. The obvious impact here will be for those people who struggle with sweet cravings and cause spikes in their blood sugars.”

Modius users have reported more stable blood sugar levels regardless of an increase in sugar intake on particular days, for example.

Has any diabetic Möbius users found any difference in their blood sugar? I have noticed over the last few weeks that my blood sugar readings have been normal even on treat day?? Not that I’m complaining but last Saturday I was really bad( food choices) and couldn’t believe that yet again my blood sugar levels were only up a little. Don’t understand it but loving the outcome. Now I intend to eat healthy cause when I eat rubbish I feel like rubbish!! Looking forward to seeing my consultant to see what he thinks.

So, by incorporating good fats into your diet, making the necessary changes to remove the foods that aren’t helpful and utilising Modius to help reduce these cravings, you’re beginning to build a really solid plan to help you navigate your way around those high-calorific foods.

What about those people who are genetically predisposed to diabetes and heart disease?

“The fundamentals of good health need to be in place. So, things like stress, sleep and hydration shouldn’t be overlooked. However, keeping blood sugar low, and trying to reduce weight are still, in my opinion, the key factors. In some cases, this can actually bring a person right out of type two diabetes.”

“Because type two diabetics are more likely to suffer heart disease, it’s vital that they incorporate some activity into their week. A brisk walk once a week is a great starting point, and they can build with time from there.”

How else can Modius help people?

“Unfortunately, being over-weight goes hand in hand with issues such as diabetes and heart disease. So, as a start, any weight-loss tools are always welcome. Modius was designed for weight loss and weight management. It targets several key areas in the brain that regulate appetite and the feeling of fullness, ultimately helping people with their weight loss attempts.”

If you have any further questions, please consult your healthcare professional, get in touch with us on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn) or drop us an email at

Note: Modius is only indicated as a weight management device. Weight management, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help living with type two diabetes.

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